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Edgar- and Lucy-approved upcycle

A couple years ago, our friend Mark made totes from empty horsefeed bags, and Hailey and Brooklyn use one to carry their beekeeping equipment.  It’s very durable and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and soap.  Sooooooooo, when I noticed the stack of empty goat and chicken feed bags stacked in the garage, I knew just what to do.  Can’t wait to go grocery shopping with my styling’ totes.  And Edgar and Lucy have both volunteered to eat more food.  Anything to help the environment.  They truly are selfless like that. And yes, beekeeping is a little slow in the winter……


‘Twas a mild day…

‘Twas a mild day in December when we looked at each hive
and thought maybe this season they stand a chance to survive.
We know mild winters in Michigan are rare,
so we decided to wrap each hive with great care.
We used black roofing paper to generate heat
and added fondant and sugar for the bees to eat.

We were almost finished and beginning to
when we looked back and saw Edgar the goat.

He was eating the paper off of a hive!
The little troublemaker is lucky to still be alive!

We closed him up in his pen and returned to our task,
and a little while later we were finished at last.

We’d all like to tell you, without sounding pun-ny,
we appreciate your support in buying our honey.
We love what we do and — oh, geez —
I guess we should also be thanking the bees!

We hope in the spring to complete a big chore
by rehabbing the old produce stand into a store.
The building was here when we purchased this land,
and we know we have local history at hand.
If you see us out working and have memories to share,
please stop by and tell them – we really do care!

From all of us at Butler Bees – Hazel, Edgar, Mooka, and Lucy, too —

we wish a happy and healthy 2016 to you!